Wally Leipart

I'm Wally Leipart, an educational leader striving to make every day count!

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Wally Leipart's Bio: It is my passion to encourage and support others to achieve their goals in learning and life. I create an effective school environment that is focused on success by identifying why education is important and worthwhile; what learning looks like; what schools do well; what's in it for others when the learning enviornment increases student engagement; and, how results are achieved through continuous improvement. I want to motivate, engage and empower administrators and teachers to be highly effective as they pursue their goals in leadership, learning, and life. Walter Leipart    

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Walter Leipart's Interests: Evidence-Based Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Priority-Based Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Project Management, Organizational Development, Organizational Leadership, Public Relations, Success Principles, Instructional Design, Personalized Learning, Curriculum Development, Safety Planning, Crisis Response Personal Interests: Fishing, Hiking, Bike Riding, Hunting, Geocahing, Baseball, Football, Wrestling, High School Sports, Spending Time With Family